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ProGuard Training Services  specialized in certified training as Use Of  Force, Expandable Baton, Handcuffing etc.  These original instructor certifications are from recognized agencies such as the Ontario Police College, Canadian Police College and Verbal Judo Institute of Canada and the United States. 


Defensive Tactics 

Defensive Tactics Training prepares students to use of force in the context of the Ministry’s approved Use of Force Model, including communication; physical controls, aerosol weapons and impact weapons. 


The goal of the program is to ensure the competent and confident use of force skills in dynamic situations, as assessed in the open-dynamic scenarios. 


Duration: 40 hours.  Includes expandable baton for student.

Expandable Baton


Students will receive two hours of instruction in the Use of Force application followed by 4 hours of expandable baton training. 


The course deals with the blocking and striking capabilities of the straight expandable baton. Techniques include stance, patterns of movement, baton grips, baton methods of carry, baton draws, blocks, strikes and baton retention.


Duration: 6 hours.  Inckludes expandable baton for student




The Mini-Baton, Kubatan Course is growing ever more popular with security personnel who work in areas where they are only allowed to use compliance and self-defensive measures against an opponent who may be unarmed or armed with a knife.


The Kubatan Course teaches the student how to correctly apply the techniques of the Kubatan in a purely self-defence posture or as a tool to ensure non-lethal compliance. First two hours are on Use of Force application.


Duration: 6 hours


Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo training is ideal for any front line person who may be faced with conflict, whether verbal of possible physical. Core training is based on the work of the late Dr. George Thompson who stated that "Effective conflict management is an acquired skill - it's not something that comes naturally." 

Verbal Judo provides the skills necessary to separate yourself from the situation, freeing you to become what you need to become in order to respond effectively to any verbal challenge.


Essentially, getting beyond your anger, fear or frustration in order to adopt a calm, concerned and listening persona.  Once calm, Verbal Judo provides the skills proven to calm others.  While you cannot force someone to make a better choice, with the proper skill, we can create an environment whereby they can make a better choice of Force application if required. Ideal for all professionals.


Duration: 6 hours



ProGuard Training Services also offers training in the following areas:

· ISC Control Points - 4 hours

· Handcuffing Techniques -4 hours

· Basic Tactical - 80 hours

· Close Protection - 40 hours

· Private Investigator Training  - 50 hours

· Security Guard Training  - 40 hours

· Distraction Device—4 hours

· Aerosol Weapons—4 hours

· Incident Management System Training

·  IMS 100

·  IMS 200


Please contact us for further information


ProGuard Instructors are recognized experts in law enforcement training and applications. Instructors have seen works published in Blue Line Magazine, Tactical Edge (NTOA), Discovery Channel as well as other media outlets including TorStar and others. 


CV and accreditation available upon request


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