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Our Expertise

Through our professional careers and interpersonal effectiveness, we have established professionals considered subject matter experts in their fields.  The supportive members assist ProGuard in the following areas - Investigations, Security, Training and Consultation.    

In the world of corporate enterprise, fraud and deceit are rampant.  We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ business interests from the losses that can be caused by the threats specific to their industries.  Proguard aggressively employs its expertise and experience on behalf of its clients through best practises resulting in being a superior provider of investigative services.

We are proud of our skilled and experienced team of professionals who consistently develop sophisticated strategies to address complex challenges and provide high-quality investigative results.  Our work allows clients to make the informed decisions necessary to develop and protect their business interests throughout the insurance, corporate, and legal professions.

We will strategize to conduct investigations for client needs. Applications include:

  • Background Checks

  • Legal Investigations

  • Insurance Claims

  • Surveillance 


Proguard has professionals who have vast operational experience in the police and military fields. These professionals have the required skill sets to intervene if and when required without being too zealous when security requires a low or medium threshold tactical approach.  These same individuals can also be used in high risk situations requiring close protection or security applications.  These professionals have been trained as being members of tactical teams and instructional training including the British SAS. 

  • Close Protection

  • Event Security

  • General Security 


Proguard has managed to secure experts in their field (Police, Military -JTF2) to supply training as requested.  These experts have been internationally recognized by others and have had works published in international magazines, with lesson plans and course training standards being used internationally - Germany, Italy, England etc.  

These same instructiors are still operational in their chosen field so are current with practises and law.

  • Programs offered include:

  • Use of Force

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Basic Tactical Orientation 

  • Close Protection...



Proguard is a management consultancy firm, that supports security and logistical operations as requested.  Its skills and experience includes:

  • Consulting Services

  • Threat, Risk , Vulnerability Assessments

  • Contingency planning

  • Crisis Managment planning

  • Exploration support

  • Operations Site Planning

  • Regional Analysis

  • Crisis Intervention Services

With the strength of our consultants, associates and advisors in many areas of expertise , Proguard can provide clients with a single point of reference for the provision of security , risk managment, specialized training and logistical services.   

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