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Our Executive Team

Chris Collins - Director of Security Solutions Division


Chris' practical work has been recognized by Government Ministries as being best practices and models for other law enforcement agencies throughout Ontario. His service in the public safety branch had him honored by being recipient of several awards and recognized as one of the best in the industry. 


Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Husson University - summa cum laude, designated CMM III by the Province of Ontario, currently undergraduate in law and a member of ASIS International as well as other international law enforcement/security memberships.  Chris currently sits on the advisory committee for Advanced Law Enforcement studies for Durham College.  


Chris' law enforcement experience includes:

Policing - homicide investigations, tactical applications, undercover drug and morality issues, traffic investigations, scenes of crime analysis and Incident Commander at major events. Chris has been recognized as an expert by the Ontario Courts in Drug Investigaions and Use of Force applications.


Security - 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Equestrian Security Supervisor and current experience in Nuclear Security Management - armed and unarmed assets,  design and evaluation of physical protection systems, emergency response and management. Chris will be Director of Security and Emergency Planning for the 2015 FEI PanAM Endurance Championships in 2015.


Chris' CV is available upon request to prospective clients. 

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